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❱❱❱  Course on Database Modeling and Design (by Carlo Batini)
❱❱❱  SQL Tutorial (W3 Schools)
❱❱❱  SQL Cheat Sheet (

Knowledge Representation & Clinical Embeddings

❱❱❱  Recent Advances in Representation Learning for Electronic Health Records: A Systematic Review
❱❱❱  A knowledge graph computational framework for drug repurposing
❱❱❱  mOWL: Python library for machine learning with biomedical ontologies

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

❱❱❱  An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
❱❱❱  Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms [PDF]
❱❱❱  The Big Book of Machine Learning Use Cases
❱❱❱  Machine Learning Algorithms with Python
❱❱❱  The Mathematical Engineering of Deep Learning
❱❱❱  Building a Predictive Model using Python Framework
❱❱❱  Kaggle Learn Guides
❱❱❱  A series of code examples for all sorts of machine learning tasks and applications
❱❱❱  A quick recipe to learn all about Transformers
❱❱❱  AI Researchers Portal - National Artificial Intelligence Initiative
❱❱❱  Kaggle Learn Guides

Information Extraction

❱❱❱  Information Extraction on Clinical Domain: Temporal Expressions, Events, and Temporal Relations (Master's Thesis by Alejandro S├ínchez de Castro Fern├índez)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

❱❱❱  A Complete Guide to Natural Language Processing
❱❱❱  Text Analytics
❱❱❱  Survey of NLP in Pharmacology

Data Science

❱❱❱  Algorithms for Decision Making
❱❱❱  Free Python Programming Book
❱❱❱  Free 2,900-page Manual about Pandas
❱❱❱  PANEL: A high-level app and dashboarding solution for Python
❱❱❱  Cheat Sheets for Machine Learning and Data Science


❱❱❱  Introduction to Probability
❱❱❱  Introduction to Probability for Data Science

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❱❱❱  Linux
❱❱❱  All Cheat Sheets in One Page