❱❱❱  Designing NLP applications to support ICD coding: an impact analysis and guidelines to enhance baseline performance when processing patient discharge notes


❱❱❱  Using Natural Language Processing to Classify Serious Illness Communication with Oncology Patients
❱❱❱  Towards open data discovery: a comparative study
❱❱❱  Blending Topic-based Embeddings and Cosine Similarity for Open Data Discovery


❱❱❱  C3SL at SemEval-2021 Task 1: Predicting Lexical Complexity of Words in Specific Contexts with Sentence Embeddings
❱❱❱  Novel Perspectives and Applications of Knowledge Graph Embeddings: From Link Prediction to Risk Assessment and Explainability
❱❱❱  Improving Risk Assessment of Miscarriage During Pregnancy with Knowledge Graph Embeddings


❱❱❱  Relative and Incomplete Time Expression Anchoring for Clinical Text
❱❱❱  ICD-10 coding based on semantic distance: LSI_UNED at CLEF eHealth 2020 Task 1
❱❱❱  Natural language processing for mimicking clinical trial recruitment in critical care: a semi-automated simulation based on the LeoPARDS trial
❱❱❱  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Margin Parameter when Learning Knowledge Embedding Representation for Domain-specific Multi-relational Categorized Data


❱❱❱  Clinical Knowledge Graph Embedding Representation Bridging the Gap between Electronic Health Records and Prediction Models
❱❱❱  Clustering as an Evaluation Protocol for Knowledge Embedding Representation of Categorised Multi-relational Data in the Clinical Domain
❱❱❱  Annotating Temporal Information in Clinical Notes for Timeline Reconstruction: Towards the Definition of Calendar Expressions
❱❱❱  Normalisation of imprecise temporal expressions extracted from text
❱❱❱  Combining string and phonetic similarity matching to identify misspelt names of drugs in medical records written in Portuguese
❱❱❱  Exploring logical and hierarchical information to map relational databases into ontologies


❱❱❱  Using Ontology-based Constraints to Improve Accuracy on Learning Domain-specific Entity and Relationship Embedding Representation for Knowledge Resolution
❱❱❱  Integrating Approximate String Matching with Phonetic String Similarity


❱❱❱  Analysis of Temporal Expressions Annotated in Clinical Notes
❱❱❱  Contrasting Rule-based and Support Vector Machine Approaches to Time Expression Identification in Clinical TempEval


❱❱❱  Fast Phonetic Similarity Search over Large Repositories